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ID Status Title Author(s) Affiliation
292 Short Oral A Baseline System for Chinese Near-Synonym Choice Liang-Chih Yu, Wei-Nan Chien and Shih-Ting Chen Yuan Ze University
480 Full Oral A Breadth-First Representation for Efficient Hypergraph Matching in Large Scale Forest-Based Translation Sumukh Ghodke, Steven Bird and Rui Zhang University of Melbourne
433 Full Poster A Character-Level Machine Translation Approach for Normalization of SMS Abbreviations Deana Pennell and Yang Liu The University of Texas at Dallas
41 full poster A Cross-lingual Annotation Projection-based Self-supervision Approach for Open Information Extraction Seokhwan Kim, Minwoo Jeong and Jonghoon Lee Pohang University of Science and Technology
175 full oral A Discriminative Approach to Japanese Zero Anaphora Resolution with Large-scale Lexicalized Case Frames Ryohei Sasano and Sadao Kurohashi Tokyo Institute of Technology
410 Full Oral A Fast Accurate Two-stage Training Algorithm for L1-regularized CRFs with Heuristic Line Search Strategy Jinlong Zhou, Xipeng Qiu and Xuanjing Huang Fudan Univercity
243 full poster A Graph-based Method for Entity Linking Yuhang Guo, Wanxiang Che, Ting Liu and Sheng Li Harbin Institute of Technology
371 full oral A Joint Probabilistic Distant and Direct Supervised Relation Extraction Truc-Vien T. Nguyen and Alessandro Moschitti University of Trento
248 full oral A Named Entity Recognition Method based on Decomposition and Concatenation of Word Chunks Tomoya Iwakura, Hiroya Takamura and Manabu Okumura Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
27 full oral A POS-based Ensemble Model for Cross-domain Sentiment Classification Rui Xia and Chengqing Zong CAS
151 short oral A Semantic Relatedness Measure Based on Combined Encyclopedic, Ontological and Collocational Knowledge Yannis Haralambous and Vitaly Klyuev Institut T?l?com - T?l?com Bretagne, France
150 Full Oral A Semantic-Specific Model for Chinese Named Entity Translation Yufeng Chen and Chengqing Zong Insititute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences
43 Full Oral A Statistical Model for Transliteration Built on a Noisy Parallel Corpus Hassan Sajjad, Nadir Durrani, Helmut Schmid and Alexander Fraser University of Stuttgart
423 full oral A Unified Event Coreference Resolution by Integrating Multiple Resolvers Bin Chen, Jian Su and Chew Lim Tan National University of Singapore
429 full oral A Wikipedia-LDA Model for Entity Linking with Batch Size Changing Instance Selection Wei Zhang, Jian Su and Chew-Lim Tan National University of Singapore
360 full poster Acquiring Strongly-related Events using Predicate-argument Co-occurring Statistics and Caseframe Tomohide Shibata and Sadao Kurohashi Kyoto University
266 Full Oral Active Learning Strategies for Support Vector Machines, Application to Temporal Relation Classification Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel, Gholamreza Ghassem-Sani and Alexis Nasr Universit? de la M?diterran?e, Marseille and Sharif University of Technology, Tehran
287 Short Oral An Analysis of Questions in a Q&A Site Resubmitted Based on Indications of Unclear Points of Original Questions Masahiro Kojima, Yasuhiko Watanabe and Yoshihiro Okada Ryukoku University
416 Full Poster An Effective and Robust Framework for Transliteration Exploration EA-EE JAN, Niyu Ge, Shih-Hsiang Lin and Berlin Chen IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
308 Full Oral An Empirical Comparison of Unknown Word Prediction Methods Kostadin Cholakov, Gertjan van Noord, Valia Kordoni and Yi Zhang University of Groningen
61 full oral An Empirical Study on Compositionality in Compound Nouns Siva Reddy, Diana McCarthy and Suresh Manandhar University of York, UK
421 short oral An Evaluation of Alternative Strategies for Implementing Dialogue Policies Using Statistical Classification and Hand-Authored Rules David DeVault, Anton Leuski and Kenji Sagae USC Institute for Creative Technologies
363 Full Oral Analyzing the Dynamics of Research by Extracting Key Aspects of Scientific Papers Sonal Gupta and Christopher Manning Stanford University
288 Full Oral Answer Selection from Multiple Sources Depending on Questions Hyo-Jung Oh ETRI
409 Full Oral Answering Complex Questions via Exploiting Social Q&A Collection Youzheng Wu, Chiori Hori, Hisashi Kawai and Hideki Kashioka NiCT, Japan
53 full oral Attribute Extraction from Synthetic Web Search Queries Marius Pasca Google Inc.
200 full poster Automatic Analysis of Semantic Coherence in Academic Abstracts Written in Portuguese Vin?cius Mour?o Alves de Souza and Val?ria Delisandra Feltrim State University of Maring?
225 Full Poster Automatic Determination of a Domain Adaptation Method for Word Sense Disambiguation Using Decision Tree Learning Kanako Komiya and Manabu Okumura Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
232 full oral Automatic identification of general and specific sentences by leveraging discourse annotations Annie Louis and Ani Nenkova University of Pennsylvania
318 full oral Automatic Labeling of Voiced Consonants for Morphological Analysis of Modern Japanese Literature Teruaki Oka, Mamoru Komachi, Toshinobu Ogiso and Yuji Matsumoto Nara Institute of Science and Technology